Yaphet Kotto in one of the Best Bond Films

"Names is for tombstones, baby!"

Yaphet Kotto’s line as Mr Big in Live and Let Die…

Author: edmundmuskie

Author: kurciasbezdalas from Lithuania

This is Roger Moore's first Bond movie and I liked it. Roger Moore does a great job in the part and this was the first of many excellent Bond films. In this one James Bond is caught up in a mystery with the United Nations and drugs. Odd combination? Well wait until some odd activity pops up in the Caribbean. 
I will say this Bond has one of the best supporting casts I have seen In a Bond movie. First Yaphet Kotto is one of the best villains. the first African-American to be so There is something a bit odd about him but you will find out what it is in the movie. in this movie hit the perfect spot between menacing and odd. This one is different from all of the other Bond movies. The movie is a bit faster paced than previous Bond films and Roger Moore plays the role in a less serious way then his predecessor did. One thing I loved about this Bond movie was just how 70's it was. This movie definitely works as a time capsule if not for anything else. I like the way they dressed themselves. 

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This also had a great finale too. I loved the occult scene that was something that was really cool.

In Doctor Kananga, we get the first African American villain in a Bond film. Yaphet Kotto brings considerable menace to the character that is turned on and off as Kananga is both a public figure and then as drug lord Mister Big. It must be noted the well done plot twist of Mister Big being Kananga… a  memorable character: 

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